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REPEAT ARRAY ANALYZER(RAA) version 1.0 Download help

Roberto Sanmiguel & Miguel A. Varela
Note: JAVA software must be installed: get it here


Repeat Array Analyzer (RAA) is a program for detecting patterns in the sequence of microsatellites. This program processes output files obtained by Tandem Repeats Finder (TRF) (Benson 1996), which locates tandem repeats in DNA sequences in fasta format. RAA is a tool designed to handle large microsatellite data sets counting interruptions along repetitive arrays (e.g., GAGAGAGTGA) and the frequency of particular motives forming the repetitive sequence. RAA generates outfiles that can be pasted on a spreadsheet software such as Excel or a statistical package to perform further calculations.

System requirements
System requirements PC compatible computer running MS Windows. JAVA software must be installed. Please keep the lib folder and RAA always in the same folder.
Please cite this article if you use RAA:
Varela MA, Sanmiguel R, Gonzalez-Tizon A, Martinez-Lage A. 2008. Heterogeneous nature and distribution of interruptions in dinucleotides may indicate the existence of biased substitutions underlying microsatellite evolution. J Mol Evol 66:575-580.

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